work is never over

My coworker Meg (check out her blog!) and I spend a lot of time at the office. We're busy employees!! Sometimes, you just need to do things to offset the downers and keep your mood soaring, or just to lighten everything up a bit. Luckily, we work in the studio, and it's almost 'expected' of us to be 'creative' (aka weird and random).

Here's a peek into some of the many things we've done:

We fly around the office:

Make tutorials on how to eat crunch berries:

Duplicate ourselves for better productivity:

Keep ourselves blocked from craziness on all levels:

Hide from the downpour of blargh:

Costume our fingers for Fingerween:

Dress up in cuteness:

And despite all the cheeriness, sometimes we still get in fights with ourselves:

Just the average, everyday 9 to 5 day!!! :D

Growing Up

I hate it. It scares me. I have this fear of growing older, getting closer to the end. Faith should be a huge part in easing that fear, but that's a whole long explanation of it's own. Anyway, I went through yet another age marker recently. It went ok, considering past experiences and long-lasting expectations.

Here are some restaurant and delectable sushi shots!

Ileana and Anna

This weekend I did some just-for-fun and test shoots of my sister and my friend Ileana. Both will be a part of my fairytale photo series that my sister-in-law and I are collaborating on. Once I get our production blog up and running, I'll post a link so you can follow if you choose.

Anyway, here are a few of the shots! Thanks guys for letting me shoot you! :D

Edit: I have to take my sister's shots out, as my parents kind of had a meltdown over them.

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