I've been working on rehauling / mass cleaning / designing out my living space... It's currently a mountainous terrain of mess. I'm not exaggerating! It's a work in progress, but here's where I'm at:

First on the list, other than overall cleaning, was to get my shoes organized / designed!

Second, I need to find places for my random art... finished, or not!

Third, and I haven't even started! I need to organize my art corner... clean it up, clear it out... use it as a photo studio!

I love blank sketchbooks, canvases, paper, etc!
Obviously, I'm not as good at keeping up with filling them with ideas!

... now... don't even wonder about the mess in my bedroom!

But the one mess that's allowed... is the Rat Playpen!

I tried to get a few snaps of Pez here, but he was moving too fast!
They always want to come right up to the camera.

In all the cleaning, I stepped on a lamp and light bulb. Luckily, no cuts.

hot chocolate

I brought some Hot Chocolate with me to work lately, and I've decided...

Hot Chocolate makes my day more inspired!
You should try some!

new moon party! hahaha!

Meg has been planning this for forever now. And it happened this past weekend! She did a fabtastilous job, and we all had a blast! We had Edwardtinis, Bloody Bellas, Edward's balls (meatballs), Jacob's Weenies (Mini Sausages), cupcakes, fresh salsa, pizza crackers, cookies, and played Twilight Scene It... all before heading off to go watch the second installment to the series in Atlantic Station.

Here are some of the shots:


It's been a while since I've really spent consistent time outdoors... but I want that back.

happy fingerween!

This is why I love my job. SOMETIMES, I get away with being REALLY creative. Even better, sometimes I get away with making other people do it too.

Thanks to Meg for always jumping on board with me. This made my halloween.

I decided for Halloween, I wanted everyone to dress their finger up in costume. Here's the results. (Honestly, there are about twice as many, but here are some!) I must pay tribute to all sticky notes that died in the process. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Happy Fingerween, all!

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