Things I would kill for.

So the other day, my roommates and I were on the road, headed home after a good time going white water rafting in Tennessee. It's about a 2-3 hour drive (I don't remember exactly), and I slept most all the way home. I woke about 7-10 exits above ours. Generally, my thought process would have been something like, "Awesome! What a short ride! Sleeping in the car is so great!", but instead went something like, "If I don't find a bathroom to pee in the next negative point three seconds, I won't have a bladder anymore!"

What made it worse, was there was construction traffic. Like EVERY weekend in Atlanta right now. We crawled down 75 while I just sat there, silently dying. I tried to keep my mind off the matter, and just knew that the moment we got to the apartment, I would fly in and save my life. But the traffic caused it to be like watching paint dry.

My roommates decided to help me out and pull over at the next exit... or not, because the next exit was a ramp onto i285. More sitting in traffic. Finally when we did exit, the first gas station in reach was a BP. True to how it ALWAYS plays out in situations like this, the bathroom was out of order (and by out of order I don't mean a sign saying "sorry," but instead clear packing tape wrapped around the outside handlebar and going into the bathroom in the crack in the door... I guess attached to something, 'cause it wasn't budging!), and I was SOL. Back out to the car. We keep moving, to find a restaurant... that was closed. But luckily behind it was a hotel, which, as awkward as it was (not as bad as it could've been) ended up being my saving grace.

I walked back to the car feeling like a new person, and happily announced, "Guys, no one has to die today! :D" to which Nick responded, "Why, Tammy? Have you killed people before?" stating his discomfort with the idea.

THAT got me to thinking: What would you KILL for?
All I can say, is that situation was DEFINITELY one that would push me close to knifing someone.

Re-exercising my first love...

Here's the start to much more to come...

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