Recipe: Gluten-free / Dairy-free Crepes!

While eating out dairy-free is difficult... eating out dairy-free for desserts is even harder. This means way more home-made dessert action.

To start out: here are some...

Gluten-free, Dairy-free Crepes!

I might be adjusting the amounts a bit in the future, but for now, I found this pretty successful.

This is a small mix: multiply to expand. I ended up making 3x this, which comfortably made enough for about 3 people.

what you need

note: These are actually really easy to substitute and adjust in quantity based on how thin/etc you want your crepes.
  • 2 tbsp Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Pancake mix
  • 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 cage-free egg
  • 2+ tbsp Coconut Milk (almond milk / water... whatever else will work)
  • Dash of Vanilla Extract
  • Whatever you would like to fill yours with!

what you do

Beat together all the above ingredients. If your ingredients are cold (like the eggs), the coconut oil will be clumpy. Try to break it into as small clumps as possible... it'll melt while cooking.

Heat your pan (nonstick makes it easier... though I don't love nonstick because it's not the best for ya!) to medium/medium high heat on the stove.

Take the pan off the stove, and spoon or ladle in batter. Immediately swirl the batter around to spread thin and evenly. Soon after, use a spatula to scrape up the edges and flip the crepe. Just a short amount of time on the other side will finish cooking the crepe.

Put it on a plate and fill it with whatever your heart desires!!! One easy way to fill it is to coat half the crepe with your filling (chocolate, jam, etc.) and fold the crepe in half. Coat that top half with more filling, and add any chunky ingredients (fruit pieces, etc). Fold once more, and voila!



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